The Best Places to Get a Crowdsourced Logo

Crowdsourcing is one of the most popular ways to get high quality design work online at a fraction of the usual cost. Websites like 99 designs have sprung up and really created a competitive marketplace for those looking to create a logo for their company without having to spend a small fortune.

Logo Design

Making a logo for your website is a crucial step of your web marketing plan.  Of course, you need to follow these steps as well:

  1.  Get a web host – I have a full list here.
  2.  Set up a blogging platform – I talk about that here.
  3.  Create your website – I’ve got that covered here.

Of course, you’ll need  a logo as well.  So today I’ll talk about places I go when I need a logo fast. 

As mentioned, 99 designs is currently the leader of the pack and the most popular site with the greatest visibility. But that does not mean that they are the only fish in the sea when it comes to getting your hands on a high quality crowdsourced logo.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best places to get a crowdsourced logo. We’ll also provide a brief explanation of each site. A

4 Places to Get the Best CrowdSourced Logo

  • 99 Designs – well, since we’ve been using them as our example site, we figured we’d begin at the beginning and discuss this amazing website in further detail. 99 designs is an excellent option because it helps you connect with highly talented freelancers that specialize in custom logos and other designs. The process is a very simple. You get to pick from numerous designs and choose the one that you absolutely love the most. If you are unhappy with the submitted designs for any reason, you will never pay a penny for their services. So it’s a completely risk-free option, which is nice because you do not want to have to worry about getting burned and stuck with a bad design.
  • Logo Tournament – this website is very similar to 99 designs in theory. What distinguishes the site from the competition is that they actually choose more than 50 designers from all around the globe and have them work on a design for your company. When all is said and done, you get to pick the one that you like the most. Depending on the current deal that they are running, it typically costs a minimum of $275 to get a contest started. They offer a full money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the results for any reason you’ll certainly get your money back.
  • Zillion Designs – formally known as Mycroburst, this crowdsourcing powerhouse makes it simple to get started. You only have to take five easy steps in order to start the contest that will ultimately lead to your new custom logo and design. At a minimum, it will cost $238.80 to run this competition. It could potentially cost more if you decide to pay for some of the additional add-ons. They start as low as $15 and go up to $69.
  • Design Crowd – very similar to Zillion Designs, except instead of going through a five-step process to get the design of your choosing, you only have to go through a four step process. So they removed a step and made it a little bit easier to get the custom logo of your dreams.

Visit any and all of these websites when you need a customized, crowdsourced logo.

Tim Schmidt


Tim Schmidt is an Internet Entrepreneur living in South Florida. He owns multiple e-commerce businesses, an SEO Agency, and consults companies on Internet Marketing strategy. You can reach him for advice, speaking engagements, guest posts, interviews, and more, on this page.

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