What is a Good Hosting Uptime?

Many business owners and online entrepreneurs are worried about the reliability and hosting quality that their web host provides. This naturally is something that you should be concerned with since you are paying a company to host your website and it should be up and running as often as possible.

Unfortunately, things happen all the time and your website is going to go down every so often. This is inevitable because 100% uptime is not a viable option over the long run. Companies are going to run into problems here and there and your website is going to go offline.

With that in mind, there are certain uptime reliability guarantees that many hosting companies will often make. In truth, you should find a hosting company that’s going to have the best uptime as often as possible.This way your website will be up and running and making you money for the longest amount of time possible.

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We will now take a look at certain uptime percentages and what they mean to your website and business in general.

What to Expect from Uptime Guarantees from Your Hosting Provider

All in all, the most important thing to take from our message today is that no website hosting company is perfect. Your website is going to go down every so often and there’s really nothing that you can do about it.

But here’s something that you should pay attention to…

Take a look at the uptime percentages of each web host that you are considering. Believe it or not, if a web host regularly has a 99.8% uptime as opposed to another web host that has a 99.9% uptime, the difference between the two is actually much greater than you might think.

As a matter of fact, companies with a 99.8% uptime actually have double the downtime of their competitor that has a 99.9% uptime.

To make this easier to understand, we’ve done some calculations based on uptime and downtime spread out throughout a year. If a hosting provider has a 99.8% downtime, it means your website is going to be down 17 hours and 30 minutes during the year.

On the opposite side of the coin, if a hosting provider has a 99.9% downtime; it means that your website is going to be down 8 hours and 45 minutes during the year.

Clearly, this is a big difference since it means that the 1/10th of a percent difference will actually make the overall downtime double. This is a big problem to worry about, and a 99.9% uptime is something that you should always shoot for when choosing a hosting provider.

The 100% Uptime Myth

As alluded to earlier, hosting companies are never going to sustain 100% uptimes over the long run. It’s just not possible. What will happen is a hosting provider will have no downtime over the course of a few months, but something is going to happen eventually that will cause downtime to take place.

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