In my Eleven2.com review, I’ll share experiences from over 7 years of hosting websites with them as well as share any coupons that may be available at the moment since I always keep a sharp eye open for them.

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Eleven2 Review and Why This Host Should be on Your Radar

Just like any other hosting company available today, they focus on all of the main types of hosting including shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. But overall, they mainly focus on cloud hosting and shared hosting at this time. And for those of you doing business all over the world looking for servers in countries other than the United States, they also have servers in the United Kingdom and Singapore, so if you’re looking for snappy response times and hosting close to its target audience, then this is definitely a great company to consider.

Eleven2.com Hosting ReviewThey offer a wide variety of hosting packages for those who are interested and they can all be purchased on a monthly basis with one exception. But they also offer hosting packages at a discount if you are willing to buy for one year, two years or three years in advance.

Not to be outdone by some of the other hosting companies available today, Eleven2 also offers some fantastic coupons for those looking to gain additional savings. The savings is significant with some of these coupons, and it’s definitely worth it for you to investigate this further if you plan on doing business with this hosting company.

With that said, we will now take a look at some of the things that we really like about Eleven 2 hosting company, and then we will take a look at a couple of areas where we wish they would improve. No hosting company is perfect, as you probably know if you’ve had a website even for a short while, but Eleven2 works hard to provide an excellent hosting service at an affordable price.

The Solid Points of My Eleven2 Review

  • cPanel availability – we really like the fact that they use the standard cPanel as the control panel for the hosting service. CPanel is widely recognized by everybody, which makes it very easy to use since so many people have experience with it already. We recommend cPanel because it’s very simple if you also want to transfer your website from one hosting company to another, and that’s an added bonus that webmasters and website owners will certainly appreciate.
  • 60 day money back guaranteed trial – the reason we like this option is because no matter how much we happen to really like Eleven 2 website hosting, we know that there will be others who will not like the service for one reason or another. 60 days is a long time to test a hosting company, and it gives you ample opportunities to fully test the package that you have ordered. If you do not like it for whatever reason during the first 60 days, you can cancel your service and get a full refund immediately. This is a fantastic extra bonus that customers will definitely appreciate.
  • Many hosting options – since Eleven 2 has been part of the hosting world for a long time, they truly understand their customers and do everything that they can to meet their needs. This is why the company has so many fantastic hosting options available to customers of all types. They have VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting and shared hosting. Plus they can provide flexibility to those who need to upgrade, downgrade or potentially expand their hosting needs.
  • Eleven2 is all about community – this company goes out of their way to make sure that all of their customers are properly answered when they have questions, even if they post those questions and concerns on other forums throughout the industry. They stay very active in the community and respond to feedback all over the place, plus if you have any type of problem you can expect a quick response. They do this because they want their customers to be happy, satisfied and ultimately they want you to stay for the long term. So understand that Eleven2 is going to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet your needs.
  • Reliability – this is one of the most reliable hosting services that you will ever come across. And not only that, but there servers are fast and extremely reliable and they even claim to have over 99.9% uptime, which is truly phenomenal. Since the company has been around for more than 10 years, you know that it is a hosting service that you can trust. Hosting companies do not last long if they cannot deliver the goods, and a 10 year track record is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
  • CloudFlare – finally, they have integrated this into the hosting in order to help you supercharge your website. This is a great way to speed things up, but it’s also excellent because if your website suddenly develops a high amount of traffic, you will have no need to upgrade to a cloud service because this will handle the additional traffic for you.

Changes That We Would like to See from Eleven 2

  • Certain high-priced services – when it comes to getting a dedicated IP/SSL, we feel that this service is a little bit on the pricey side. Although, it does come with S-300 which does help to offset the additional cost. Four dollars a month for a dedicated IP is very costly, and at this time it’s about twice as much as you would have to pay from another hosting provider. So that is something to think about, although it might not be an issue depending on your needs.
  • The upgrade path – we love the shared hosting from Eleven2, but again the VPS plan is pricier than its competitors. If you think you’re going to outgrow the shared hosting plan, then it’s quite possible that you’d prefer another hosting company.

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Our final verdict is simple… This is one of our favorite hosting companies. They provide excellent service, high quality support and they are very active in the web community. You can’t go wrong with Eleven2 hosting.

Now, if you are looking for simply shared hosting, click here and find out which one I like the best for that.

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  1. Bryant Bryant says:

    I’ve used Eleven2.com hosting for 2 years based on Tim’s advice. I can say it’s been a great experience. Thanks Tim, love your website.

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