The Endurance International Group

Hey everyone! Just looking to make something very clear, especially to all the search engine optimizers out there looking for the hosting diversity that we know can be advantageous to us in the search results and SEO game.

Endurance International Group, who I’ll call “EIG” (EIG) is a major conglomerate of hosting companies.

You can probably assume that the web hosting business is an industry that’s worth billions of dollars. Everyone who has a website needs a web host. As the industry became consolidated, EIG started buying up companies left and right. Some of the best web hosts like BlueHost, HostMonster, HostGator, and HosteNine are now under the umbrella that is EIG.

the endourance international group

The company initially was known as BizLand, and subsequently started purchasing lesser known web hosting companies to grow their subscriber base. They now own some of the most popular hosts in the industry.

The largest purchase to date has been HostGator, which went for a whopping $225 million. This brought the valuation of EIG to almost a billion dollars!

Many people don’t know, but EIG is to the hosting space what Pfizer is to the pharmaceutical space – a GIANT.

Special thanks to Linux-Depot for all the great information used in today’s update.


3 comments on “The Endurance International Group
  1. Jarret Marshall Jarret Marshall says:

    How does this effect SEO? I don’t get it.

    • Web Hosting Guy says:

      Hi Jarret,

      The game of SEO is a tricky one, and not to get long winded, but your link profile should come from multiple hosts, in order to look natural.

      If you are signing up for these accounts to create sites that will link to one another, you’ll create what we call a footprint. This can hurt your SEO being that all sites will be linked from similar IP ranges and neighborhoods.

      Does that help answer your question?

    • Web Hosting Guy says:

      SEO depends on site speed for one of their many variables to rank a site. So if your site is slow, you won’t rank as well.

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