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Just for the record, I’m a HUGE domain customer of GoDaddy, but I don’t enjoy their website hosting services.  Not that they are awful or on a web hosts to avoid list or anything like that, I just don’t find the experience very user friendly and I have several higher caliber options at my disposal.

So with that, I’m still going to give you a comprehensive Go Daddy review but just know there are options like Siteground hosting and that I really use as my go-to companies.

My 2016 Hosting Review

Official Website: GoDaddy Hosting

Are you looking for a hosting service provider with a name that you recognize from a company that you can trust? Are you looking to do business with a hosting service that provides a wide variety of features and services all available at your fingertips? Are you looking for a company that has many great features to choose from, although you will have to pay additional money for some of the better options? That last question may have you shaking your head in the negative.

All in all, we are very fond of Go Daddy hosting and all of the wonderful features that this company provides. Being the largest host on the Internet, it’s no surprise that many webmasters and business owners have taken a liking to the service. You do not get to be #1 by accident! While certainly not our favorite host, Go Daddy hosting definitely does offer some excellent features and services. We will share more information with you below.

But before we do…

Why Choose the Go Daddy Web Hosting Giant As Your Hosting Company of Choice?

godaddy hostingGo Daddy hosting is a large presence in the web hosting industry, and as far as domain registrars are concerned, it is hundreds of times larger than any competing service. The hosting domain registrar portion of this business services about 45 million domain names and they are only just scratching the surface.

What does this say to you about Go Daddy and its hosting services? Ultimately, it says that Go Daddy knows what they are doing. It says they understand the industry and know how to provide excellent services for all of their customers. It says they know how to appeal to the crowd and it shows that they are competent, reliable and a solid company that you can trust.

If that’s not reason enough to choose Go Daddy hosting as your hosting company of choice, please read on to learn more about this brilliant service.

GoDaddy Hosting Packages

At this time, the GoDaddy Web hosting service has an incredible number of features available to its users. You’ll never want for nothing when choosing this hosting service. They have email, database and blogging features, and this is only the beginning since we are barely breaking the ice.

Here’s another thing…

godaddyAs far as the feature set at Go Daddy is concerned, no other web hosting company can hold a candle to this company. Nobody has the depth that Go Daddy has as far as providing features goes. And this is one of the main reasons why Go Daddy has become such a big force in the hosting market.

But there’s one thing that you certainly need to understand…

As far as all of these incredible features are concerned, do not think that Go Daddy is willing to give them away for free because they are not. Depending on the level of service that you need, Go Daddy is going to charge you accordingly for all of the features and options available that they offer. The basic hosting package only comes with basic features. The more you are willing to spend, the more features and services you will be able to take advantage of.

Storage space is another thing entirely. Go Daddy does not offer much as far as storage space goes, especially at the economy level. They have a 10 GB allotment at the economy level, but the majority of small businesses will never particularly outgrow this amount. But if you are very ambitious and tend to grow your web presence accordingly, then you’re going to need to upgrade your level of hosting when doing business with Go Daddy.

Database and email features are capped as well. The only way to get unlimited everything is to pay the price that Go Daddy charges for their unlimited hosting services. Some people feel that the unlimited service price is very steep, but others might not think so, so it’s up to you as to whether or not you want to go with a basic hosting plan or an unlimited hosting plan.

Go Daddy Hosting Features

And speaking of features… One of the most important things to learn about Go Daddy hosting before enrolling with the company is the features that they offer. Some of the main features include:

  • PHP, MySQL, ASP, FrontPage, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and Perl.
  • Marketing tools – they are not available in the basic hosting package. Look at some of the higher priced packages to learn more about Go Daddy marketing tools.
  • Emails – with Go Daddy hosting you are allotted 5000 emails per year at the basic level.
  • Search engine submission – this is not part of the basic Go Daddy plan. You will need to pay an additional fee for search engine submission.
  • SEO tools – again, this is not a basic feature in the economy package. It requires an additional fee to take advantage of the Go Daddy search engine optimization tools.


Go Daddy Hosting Ease-Of-Use

If you’re going to sign up at a hosting company, it certainly has to be easy to use. Thankfully, and not surprisingly, Go Daddy makes it very simple to use their hosting packages. They have a simple domain manager, file manager and database manager which are all incredible. You’ll rarely run into a problem learning how to use any of these simple features, so do not worry even if you are not technically savvy because the hosting platform is simple learn and easy to use.

GoDaddy Customer Support

If there is a problem that you cannot solve on your own, Go Daddy offers excellent customer support by contacting customer service representatives via email or phone. Unlike some of the other hosting companies, Go Daddy support is slower because it is a much larger company. It takes 24 hours to typically get a response via email, and phone support is better in most cases.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a solid hosting package from a company that you can trust, Go Daddy hosting is right up your alley. Give it a try today because you will not be disappointed.


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