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Green Geeks is one of the true up and coming web hosting companies that is really starting to make positive waves in the hosting world. This company provides excellent products and services, and even more importantly than that, they have an impeccable reputation that continues to grow and expand as the years go by. Webmasters and business professionals alike recognize the value in doing business with a company like Green Geeks.

Let’s look at some of the things that make Green Geeks really stand out in the marketplace.

Excellent Service

This unique service provider known as Green Geeks proves more than anything that they are not trying to earn a fast buck. This is contrary to many of the other companies that provide hosting on the web, and it’s a very good thing. They understand how important their service is to business owners and website owners alike. They realize the value of what they provide, and they do everything that they can to meet the highest standards possible. You can never go wrong with Green Geeks service.

Environmentally Friendly Green Hosting

It’s rare to hear the words web hosting, renewable energy, high technology and green initiatives uttered in the same breath. But these are the things that many people are talking about when they mention Green Geeks.

Green Web HostingThis company is paving the way for other socially conscious technology companies and web hosting businesses. They are the leader of the pack, and have proven time and time again that they can be a leading hosting company and still care about the environment. This web leader is something that our world needs desperately, and it’s great that they are leading the initiative for environmentally friendly hosting.

The Advantage of Choosing Green Geeks

  • Fully accredited business – this means that they are recognized as one of the top companies with the Better Business Bureau.
  • PC World features – Green Geeks was featured in this magazine on multiple occasions. This is an up-and-coming environmentally friendly company to be proud of.
  • Made the Inc. 500 list – this prestigious honor listed Green Geeks as one of the 500 fastest growing companies.
  • Member of Green Power Partnership with the EPA – the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has invited Green Geeks to join in their Green Power Partnership.

Simply put, there is a tremendous advantage to doing business with this company. For starters, the robust web hosting platform is quite inexpensive at only six dollars a month. But the other great part is that you will be doing your part to support a green, environmentally efficient and friendly company. This company focuses on waste reduction, energy efficiency and other green initiatives and still manages to create a fantastic profit.

Comparable Pricing to Other Hosting Companies

Unfortunately, when we typically think of environmentally friendly, it’s usually associated with spending more money for similar products and services. Think of the whole Organic movement. Most companies charge an arm and a leg for their organic products.

But not Green Geeks.

As a matter of fact, this hosting company made it a point to charge roughly the same price as other hosting companies for their environmentally friendly service. So not only do you get to help protect the environment when doing business with Green Geeks, but you’re also going to feel good about the amount that you pay because you’re not spending any extra than what the other hosting companies are charging. Plus you’re getting fantastic service on an excellent hosting platform.

Obviously, it’s a no-brainer at this point. Choosing Green Geeks as your hosting company should make more sense to you now than it ever did.

Green Host

Green Geeks Hosting Features

Green Geeks does so much more than provide an environmentally friendly hosting solution. They understand that more than anything else it’s a hosting company, and you should expect unlimited access to important resources including disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, add-on domains and more. Plus, the company’s incredibly reliable and has excellent server speed.

All in all, if you are environmentally friendly and looking to get affordable hosting at a good price, this is going to be the perfect solution to meet your hosting needs as a freelancer, professional or small business owner. Take advantage of the great technology and tools available at Green Geeks hosting today.

Fully Loaded cPanel Interface

Just like many of the other hosting companies available today, the standard control panel for Green Geeks hosting is cPanel. And more importantly, most people prefer cPanel over some of the other choices so it was a wise move to make on their part to include it as part of their hosting controls.

Everybody who is anybody basically knows all about cPanel, so we’re not going to spend too much time discussing it here. The most important thing to recognize is that for Drupal or WordPress, they have a feature that allows one click installation of popular scripts.

Green Geeks Bells and Whistles

Not only does this company provide incredible standard features with their basic hosting package, but the stable host comes fully equipped with all of green hostingthe bells and whistles that you could ever ask for. And as far as reliability is concerned, this company has surpassed many of the other web hosts on the Internet today. They have fantastic up-time and there hasn’t been many complaints, if any, so far.

Next, it’s important to point out their customer service. As of this time, the company has a great customer service and support team available to help you at any time. You can contact them via telephone, email or live chat. Ask any questions that you may have and expected a quick answer because customer service is one of their main focuses and they do not waste any time helping their valued customers, meaning you! They will get back to you right away to answer questions about all things hosting related.

All in all, we feel that Green Geeks hosting is a fantastic option. We highly recommend that you pay a visit to their website and learn more about them today by clicking here.

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