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For many years now, MediaTemple is one of the most well-respected and well-known premium web hosting companies on the Internet. This company first came on the scene a while back and has been making waves on the Internet ever since.

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The good thing about Media Temple is that they have a number of options for those looking for web hosting to take advantage of. Some of their best options include shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. And the most recent addition to their online arsenal is managed WordPress Mediatemple.comhosting.

One of the best things about Media Temple is that they are using social media to their advantage. Not only are they listening to what people have to say, but they are watching and taking notice of what’s going on in the industry and this is earning them a lot of respect from people. They are interacting with their client base on social media and they have a lot of great features available through their hosting platform.

Not only that, but they really do care about their customers. They want what is best for the industry and their customers and they always seem to do the right thing which makes them incredibly popular amongst those looking for a powerful hosting service.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the managed WordPress hosting offered by Media Temple.

MediaTemple Managed WordPress Hosting Specifics

  • Simple Website Cloning
  • One Click Staging Environment
  • Three WordPress Installs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Clearly, MediaTemple has a lot going on and a lot of positive things for the user.

To start things off, one of the best things that we would like to tell you is that the managed WordPress hosting plan is currently retailing for $29 per month. This is an excellent option because it offers you 20 GB of SSD storage and three WordPress installations as part of the deal. If you have a high traffic high-volume website then this is incredible because it is capable of supporting millions of visitors per month.

For some, this might be overkill since you are just starting out. But others that are already established are going to need this type of hosting to meet the demands of all of their website visitors.

When compared to the competition like WP Engine, at $29 a month the other company supports only 25,000 visits per month, 10 Gb of SSD storage and one WordPress installation. As you can see, Media Temple is by far offering a much better package for the exact same price. Synthesis, on the other hand, has a low-cost plan at $47 per month with one WordPress installation, 10,000 visits per day and 20 GB of storage. It costs almost twice the amount as Media Temple but it’s not quite as good as the Media Temple managed WordPress hosting plan being offered.

Media Temple Features

Just like its competitors, Media Temple offers some fantastic managed WordPress hosting features that you’re truly going to appreciate. And when compared to WP Engine, they even have more features.

For starters, it’s very simple to use this platform in order to create staging sites. This is fantastic because it will allow you to test all different types of things like plug-ins, settings, upgrades, themes and more and you do not have to risk your integrity out in public. Test sites at your own time on your own time frame, make sure everything is working correctly and then release it to the general public. The good thing about the staging sites with Media Temple is that they actually allow you to have two, not just one, like some of the other competitors.

Next we would like to talk more about clone sites. If you’re looking to start another WordPress website but you like the foundation of your existing website, you have an opportunity to clone that site very easily without having to add all of the plug-ins, settings and content. This is great if you are looking to move all of the content from one website to another as well for whatever reason.

Next, Media Temple has GIT integration. This makes it simple to control site files, plug-ins and themes.

For the most part, the features are very similar to WP Engine. One excellent feature that you do not get with the other company is SSH access. This is an outstanding way to manage websites, and once you begin using it you’re going to have a hard time going back to anything else. It really is that incredible and it’s quite popular and growing in popularity.

MediaTemple Support

The next important area that we wanted speak about is support. You see, if the hosting company does not offer solid support then you’re going to have a difficult time every time that you run into a problem. This can be a very painful experience without having top-notch support available to help you.

Thankfully Media Temple has fantastic support that is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And you can get to contact them via multiple options including tweets, live chat and telephone support. Somebody will be available to help you at this hosting company and the technical support staff is quite knowledgeable and very friendly.

Media Temple Speed

Speed is incredibly important when owning a website and it’s especially important if you’re going to have thousands of visitors coming to your site each and every day.

The great thing about the managed WordPress hosting from Media Temple is that they have strong server performance. In fact, the hosting speed is right up there with the competition. Although it may be just a tad bit slower than Synthesis and WP Engine, it’s hardly noticeable and for the major price discount and all of the added features you’re definitely going to want to try Media Temple today. It’s an excellent hosting company that truly gets the job done.

So try Media Temple today. You’re going to love the experience and you’ll be really happy with the low cost of $29 a month for such a fantastic service.

Thanks for reading my Media Temple review. You can join up with them on their official site:

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