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When looking for a high-quality hosting company, as a business owner or the owner of a website, you really shouldn’t have to look any further than Site5 shared hosting. This hosting company is high quality and they have many years of experience, so they are attracting customers from all over the world. They have designers, developers and business owners of all types looking to use their hosting platform on a regular basis.

Site5 Hosting ReviewWhy is this good for you as a consumer? This is good because Site5 has an excellent reputation and they offer a high quality product and service. More than anything else, you need to have quality hosting if you’re going to have a successful website on the Internet. Your website is going to suffer if the hosting is poor and below standard. Your rankings are going to suffer. Customers are going to dislike your site, and most importantly, you’re ultimately going to fail if your hosting fails you.

With that said, let’s take a look at Site5 and some of the reasons why we really like this hosting company.

The Reasons We like Site5

Site5 has a lot going for it, but mostly the things that we are about to share are the reasons why we feel this is such an excellent hosting provider.

Here’s what we really like about Site5:

  • Many years of experience – the people that own Site5 and run the company have been in business since 1999. In Internet terms, that is practically a lifetime. They have been around for over 16 years and have had a great deal of success in the industry, so you know that you’re dealing with a company that you can trust. Longevity equals trust in many situations.
  • Multiple admins – one thing that we really love the most about this hosting company is that they allow you the opportunity to host multiple websites with one hosting package, but instead of using a control panel for all of them, each website will have its own individual control panel. Ultimately, this will make it seem like you have a reseller account, and when you compare the price to other reseller accounts, this is truly a phenomenal deal. Whether it means anything to you or not, this is definitely an excellent feature that many website owners are going to appreciate.
  • Shared SSL – each and every one of the hosting plans that Site5 has to offer comes with shared SSL certificates. This is incredibly important and excellent to use on administration areas of your site, although the truth is we do not recommend this for e-commerce websites. Stick with a dedicated SSL instead.
  • Wide variety of server locations – the great thing about Site5 is that they have an incredible amount of server locations all over the US, UK, Sydney, Canada, India, Romania, Singapore and the Netherlands. Oh and we forgot Brazil. In fact, in the US and Canada alone, they have 12 servers available all throughout the entire North America. The catch is that if you want your hosting anywhere besides Dallas in the United States, you will need to pay one extra dollar per month for the opportunity. That is not very costly in the grand scheme of things.

Site5 Hosting

Some Things That We Wish Site5 Hosting Had Available

No hosting company is perfect. But when it comes to Site5, we wish they had the following features available.

  • SSD hosting – most of the premium hosting companies are now offering the lightning quick SSD hosting option at a very affordable price. This is considered the latest technology and all of the premium hosting providers should have this available at this time. Unfortunately Site5 does not have SSD hosting available. We do realize that they will have it at some point in the near future, but it is not available right now and that is a major disappointment.
  • No add-on domains on the cheap plan – add-on domains are incredibly important for those looking to build multiple websites on one shared hosting plan. With a new lack of add-on domains, you have to pay the second highest priced hosting plan or better in order to get access to this feature. Just about every other hosting company provides add-on domains with their cheapest hosting plan, and we feel that Site5 should do this as well. While it is certainly not a deal breaker, it is a little bit of a disappointment.
  • Lack of prorated refunds – when the initial 45 day money back guarantee finally ends, you are locked in and you are not able to get a prorated refund. At this time, just about every hosting company is offering prorated refunds and we would like to see Site5 do the same. Whether they do or they do not, this is something that we feel very strongly about.

What Do We Really Think about Site5 Hosting?

All in all, when it comes to a hosting company that you can really trust, we feel that Site5 is an excellent option for those in need of quality hosting.Site5 Hosting

We like so much about this company and more importantly than anything else, we like that they have been in business since 1999. Because of this, we know that they are going to step up to the occasion and always rise above the competition. Even if they do lack certain features at this time, we know that they will do the right thing and get these features for their hosting customers very quickly.

And not only that, we also like so many of the great things that we mentioned above like multiple admins, many server locations, shared SSL, a wide variety of hosting packages and so much more. All of these options make this an incredible hosting experience and since it is such a low cost amount we feel it is an excellent bargain and a great opportunity. Plus the customer service is excellent as well.

Try Site5 hosting today to tap into an incredibly experienced, low cost and highly beneficial hosting service today.

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