How Does Your Web Host Effect SEO?

Search Engine optimization is technique that is used by SEO experts to make your website visible and accessible in the search engines. SEO also helps increase the page rankings and directs heavy traffic to your webpage. As an SEO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I know this first hand. I’ve been in this space dating to 2002 and have seen many web hosting firms SCREW UP a solid SEO plan because they can’t keep the site online or they just load it to slow. So today I figured I’d talk about that and clear up any confusion you may have in terms of how choosing a website host can make an impact on your search marketing.

The Impact Your Web Host Has on SEO

So if you have an online store, and you wish to flourish your online business, an SEO has solutions to all your problems. However, you would need a web hosting company to host your webpage. While an SEO looks after your page’s progress, a hosting company ensures a good performance. Nevertheless, the host provider might affect SEO at some gears: Speed, Availability, Security SEO awareness.

  • Web site speed:

The speed is an essential part of a successful online venture. SEO expertise vastly depends upon the speed. A web host provider that offers good speed is great, but that with a bad speed could harm your webpage’s SEO that in return effects the performance. Poor performance means a loss in revenue. I highly recommend this web host.

  • Web site availability or Uptime:

Availability or the Uptime is provided by the web host provider if this has a major influence on the website’s ranking in the search engine. Google keeps an eye on good websites that are available and active, and remove those websites that seem to be unavailable or passive, from the index websites, let alone redirecting traffic to such websites.

Hence, a bad uptime can put your webpage’s reputation at stake. In this regard an SEO professional ought to be present at all times to monitor the availability and influx of traffic and customers at all times.

  • Security:

Building a huge online business venture with a compromised security system won’t be more than building sand castles on the beach. Only those who’ve been through the agony of recovering from a hacked personal website would know what that means.

Besides, you take all the apparent measure to secure your website from internet crawlers, but your web host provider doesn’t offer a reliable security system means your website is as vulnerable as a sand castle aforementioned.

Such websites are most likely infected by common stubborn virus or malware, and if not addressed to immediately and properly might result in your webpage being blacklisted.

  • SEO Awareness:

It is a prerequisite for a web host provider to be very well aware of an SEO and its functions, because if it doesn’t know what SEO is, it might sometimes do things that can cause a hindrance in SEO mechanism. While SEO’s main objective is attracting a huge traffic to the webpage, a service providing might not find it positive and shut down the entire websites. Similarly, some webhost providers might restrict some plugins installed on to a site by SEO, only because their infrastructure who could bare the extra load.

In simple words, a web host provider should refrain from doing any such thing that might affect SEO. This would merely show a web hosting company’s inefficiency, which can greatly damage your website’s reputation, hence putting your proceeds at risk.

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