What is a Web Hosting Service?

A web hosting is a service that allows people or businesses to create their sites and post them to the internet. The web hosting service provider offers you the data storage space on other computers known as the servers. Whenever you need to view a web page, you have to put its domain name or complete address on the browser that will connect to the service and bring the complete site in front of you. Hosting companies also offer you to purchase the perfect domain name for your site so that you can run your website successfully.

Types of Web Hosting Services

You will find different companies on the internet that are providing their web hosting services to the people. These services are of different types and you have to choose the best hosting type for your website. In order to find the best hosting services, you have to focus on two important things. Firstly, your budget and secondly the requirements of your business. After considering these two elements, you can make a perfect decision and purchase the web hosting type. Following are some important types of web hosting services from which you can choose the best that suits your business:what is a web hosting service

  • Free Hosting Services

You can get free hosting services easily. It is your best choice if you want to learn the new technique of websites. You can say that it is best for non-critical issues. You may face various problems in this type of hosting; for instance, the speed of connection can be slow, you can get advertisement banners on your site automatically, or your website’s link can be down.

Some hosting websites offer you free hosting services if you purchase the domain name from them. On the other hand, there are some sites that offer free sub domains. These sub domains can’t be transferred so be very careful in making the decision.

  • Shared Hosting services

This web hosting service lets you share the hosting of your website with others. In short, you share one server to run different websites. This type is not as expensive, but the problem with this is that it is a little bit slow and your data is not as safe. Your server partner can easily access your information.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best type of hosting in which you don’t share your server with anyone else. This enhances the performance of your site and makes it reliable for you. The level of security with the dedicated hosting is very high. It can be a little bit expensive, but you will enjoy its functionality very well.

  • Collocated Hosting:

It is the best type of hosting in which you purchase the whole server and enjoy the host facilities. You can easily take advantage of the whole server as you can control all the functionalities of the web server. You can get any type of application or the script installed on your server easily.


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