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Continuing my series of interviews with SEO’s that I’m proud to call friends and colleagues, I have another great treat for my readers today with someone I know and trust in the industry. I had a chance to catch up with an SEO Greenville SC expert to see what kinds of things he can share to help you grow your site traffic.

I’d like to thank him for taking the time to discuss the trends in the industry with me. Continue reading below for the nuggets he has to share.

What I Learned from SEO Greenville SC Wizard

The big thing he is doing these days has to do with backlinking. Gone are the days where you can just create a few web 2.0 properties like on and write a few pages with a keyword-rich anchor link pointing to your site. Those kinds of things get snuffed out by Google really quick these days. Everyone was doing it, and that loophole got closed when the search engines wisened up to this exploit.

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These days, it’s all about having powerful backlinks from a variety of sources. You may have heard of the term “PBN”, which stands for “private blog network”. This is a catalog of domains that you own for the sole purpose of sending links to your money sites.

What you’re looking for in sites to add to your PBN is the trust flow and authority that they have. The stronger the domain is, the more powerful a link from it will be. You also want sites that are relevant to your money site, so it is easy to write content that blends in with the domain’s theme and also naturally links to the site you are linking to.

It can be quite expensive to build up your own private network, not to mention all the time that it takes to keep it organized and up to date, so what my friend in Greenville is doing these days is buying links from other people’s networks. One of the places he swears by right now is called Konker.

The great thing about that service is there are so many gigs to choose from, across all areas and niches. So, for example, if you have a legal/law site, you can find relevant links from other legal sites. You simply just pay for the gig, tell them what anchor text and site you want to link to, and within a couple days they’ll deliver you a blog post with human-written, fresh content to your specifications. Easy as that, you’ve gained a powerful link!

I’d like to thank my friend for sharing this method with us. I know we definitely can all benefit from these kinds of services! Be sure to read my previous posts for more interviews like this.

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