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There are new companies making a move toward bringing their business online each and every day. And as you can imagine, these companies do so because they realize that all the money is online at this point. And if they are looking to stay ahead of the competition in their market, they have to have an online presence in order to stay relevant in their industry.iPage Review

In order to have the right chance at succeeding on the Internet, you have to connect with the best hosting company available today. You have to connect with a hosting company like iPages if you are ever going to have a real opportunity at succeeding.

IPage Web Hosting Review

The web host known as iPages hosting is an award-winning hosting company that many people know and respect. They have an inexpensive and comprehensive starter package, which makes it perfect for brand-new businesses just finding their way online.

They offer a basic package that is second to none. It has unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and this is exactly what your business needs to have room to grow. This basic package also includes unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains, shopping cart applications, marketing tools, and ways to drive more traffic to your site and other fantastic options for beginners and intermediates alike.

More Information on the iPages Hosting Packages

First off, it’s important to mention that everything about this hosting package is unlimited. You get unlimited MySQL databases as one example, but as we already mentioned you get unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited marketing services, unlimited support and anything else that you can think of.

iPage Coupons As far as unlimited email is concerned, this is a very good thing to have. But it really doesn’t mean much if the email interface is subpar like so many of the other hosting companies out there today. The great thing about iPages email interface is that it’s incredibly powerful. It can forward documents via email, set up automatic responses and it’s even capable of filtering out the spam. Out of all of the great email options available, the best is that it performs a virus scan on all of the incoming messages before reaching your inbox. This is a great thing because it will help to prevent infecting your computer, and we all know how important that is.

iPage Hosting Features

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the hosting features that this hosting provider has to offer.

To kick things off, we wanted to mention that we really enjoy using the site creation tools provided with this hosting package. They let you choose the option to use three simple to operate site builders, and this is going to give you the basic webpage foundation that you need if you’re creating a simple site, or you can use a site builder that will allow you to create multiple pages on a complex site.

Another excellent feature is the fantastic photo gallery and blog setup wizards. These are in support of many different content management systems, photo galleries, blogs and plug-ins. If you’re looking to add multimedia files to your site, you will certainly appreciate that iPages currently supports MIDI File, Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Real Audio and Video.

Another excellent feature is the opportunity to access the FTP account manager. This gives you a choice to add unlimited FTP accounts and reap the benefits of having FTP security anonymously. The protection available includes support for .htaccess in order to control sensitive information and user access to directories.

Lastly, we wanted to point out about the excellent marketing tools available through the iPages hosting efforts. These marketing tools are going to give you a chance to build and sustain traffic from the moment your website goes live.

Like many other web hosting companies out there today, iPages offers free credits for Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search, Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords.

These credits are going to help you purchase ad space on high profile search engines and websites. This will give you a chance to immediately begin driving traffic to your webpages.

But not only that, iPages hosting also provides you with free online marketing guides that will teach you how to manage your website and use Google Webmaster tools. You get a 60 day membership to RatePoints Newsletter Manager and a free YellowPages.com listing as part of the marketing tools as well.

iPages Hosting Ease-Of-Use

Next up on the agenda it’s time to look closer at the ease-of-use and functionality of this web host.

To get the ball rolling once again, we first want to point out that choosing iPages as our hosting company was an excellent idea because they are truly a pleasure to work with.

They have a logical interface on their control panel, and it makes it very easy to navigate. They have large and small considerations that help to improve the user experience tremendously. You can even custom tailor the control panel to make the user interface perfectly suitable for your needs. This is excellent news for those who prefer to customize this option.

They also have an extended list of advanced features for expert hosting users. So there’s definitely something for everyone with iPages hosting.

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iPages Help and Support

One of the last things we intend to talk about today is the help and support available from iPages hosting. It truly is an incredible option, and it’s especially important for those who feel like they might need support if they are relatively new to hosting.

They have an extensive online help center as well as a ticketing system. You can use the knowledge base to try to find answers to your questions on your own. But if the knowledge base does not answer the questions that you have, there is always the ticketing system to get real-time support.

To close things out, let’s mention that we really like iPages hosting. They are a great company that offers an incredible service at an affordable price. We recommend them highly, so visit their home page to find out more about this service.

ipage.com hosting review

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