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I like to keep my ears to the ground and pay attention to the difference makers in the SEO and internet marketing industry. If you’re not constantly learning and improving, you’re being left behind and your sites (or your clients’ sites) will suffer.

I was speaking with a colleague recently who works for a Leeds SEO company in the U.K. and got to pick his brain on a few topics. He’s one of those people where when he talks, I listen. He’s been in the business for many years and is well regarded in the industry, and I’m thankful he took the time out and let me share his ideas with my readers.

Insight from an SEO in Leeds

As this site is related to web hosting, I’ll try to keep his tips focused mostly on that area. A lot of our talk was about to look for when you’re selecting a web host for your business, which I go into further detail in this post.

One of the biggest things he reiterated is doing your research before you select a host. Don’t just go for whatever is the cheapest plan. While this is an area where you can find significant cost savings if you look for a deal, it doesn’t necessarily pay off to go cheap. Scour the web for reviews of the different host providers and see what current and past customers are saying about their experience there. If there are any red flags, consider going elsewhere.

SEO company in Leeds, UK

Another key point he mentioned is that once you narrow your list of providers, be sure to read the full terms of service before you sign up. There can be a lot of things hidden in the fine print. You may find that there are hidden fees that aren’t apparent on the advertised price tag, and there could be many limitations that would constrict your business (such as maximum monthly traffic or a limit on the number of sites you can host). Be sure you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying.

The last thing he mentioned was performing a self-examination and determining your needs. Know how many sites are in your portfolio and what kind of traffic they are currently getting. Have an idea of your projected growth and how many sites and how much traffic you could potentially have in the future. You don’t want to outgrow your web hosting provider (go here for my reasons why you should go with a premium host) and move them all at a later date, starting the search process all over again.

I’d like to thank our guest from the U.K. again for taking the time to provide some insight for the readership. If you have any questions or need any clarity on the above, feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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