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Today is a little off-topic from where I’m usually talking about web hosting, like in my previous post here, but is also quite relevant as it’s an issue that you’ll hit once you start growing your network of websites.

As you grow your network, you’ll be needing to create email accounts and social media properties for those. It’s just a matter of creating a free account on Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, but you can hit a snag sometimes. With Google, once you create a username you also have to provide a phone number for verification.

If you just have a few accounts, that’s not a problem. There is a limit, however, to how many accounts can be associated with a specific phone number. I believe for Google it is 10 accounts associated with any number. So what do you do then? You need a new phone number that you have access to and can receive a text message for account verification.

If you’ve reached your limit, you’ll need a secondary phone number. That’s where a Second Phone number app comes into play.

Why to Use a Second Phone Number App

There are many reasons why you should use an app to give you access to a secondary phone number. The first is explained above. Sometimes you simply hit your maximum number of uses for a single phone number in order to verify new email or social media accounts.

apps for a second phone number

There are other reasons why a second number is useful. Another big reason is online privacy. Do you really want your personal number or your office phone shared with all of these different properties?

Say, for instance, you have that number listed in the “contact us” section of one of your websites. For one, you could be getting a ton of calls for who knows what, all the time (depending on the popularity of your site). You also don’t know who is calling, or what site they are calling about, so you are pretty much cold answering these calls.

With a second phone number app, you can create as many different numbers as you want and have a line dedicated to each site or account. You can have calls these supplemental numbers then forwarded your personal line. With most of these apps you can have it display the secondary phone number, so you have an idea of which account it is related to.

For all internet marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, this is a valuable tool to use to continue to grow your businesses, organize all of your assets, while maintaining privacy at the same time. It really simplifies things and protects you and I’m a big proponent of apps such as these when starting new sites.

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