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My main occupation, which has helped me get to know so many web hosting companies, is promoting websites in search engines. “Search engine optimization” (SEO for short) is the process of positioning websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even YouTube. I operate several brands in the personal care space as well as various lifestyle brands and direct all digital marketing for those brands.

I also work with businesses of all sizes on their online marketing strategy, using search engine optimization as a focal point to start driving quality traffic.

I’ve been doing SEO since 2002, and like any profession, it’s something that takes skill, patience, and diligence. While the landscape of “what works” can change from time to time, there are many basic practices that are time-tested and need to be put in place in order for your website to have a chance at ranking.

SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida

Get to page one, and stay there!

Search Engine Optimization Ft Lauderdale

There are many companies out there vying for the top spots in Fort Lauderdale. My seo company has many of them in our massive portfolio of top ten rankings.

You may have reached this website for small business web hosting, and hopefully you found what you were looking for and I steered you in the right direction. Perhaps you were looking for an SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, or you could have typed in Florida search engine optimization.

The point is, you got here somehow, and that was all due to the effort I put into getting this site in front of you.

Now, what to do after you put your website online?

It’s time for a search engine optimization campaign.

No website will rank on it’s own. You need a game plan.

I’ve been providing companies from Fortune 100 organizations all the way to what I call “one person, one dream” type bloggers who set up a simple site on WordPress and just hammer out content. No job is too big, or too small.

Internet Marketing Experts South Florida & Beyond

While I enjoy working with local businesses I can meet with in South Florida, I also work with clients globally. Click here to see my entire scope of work. (This will take you to my Fort Lauderdale SEO agency website.)

Along with my team, I can help you rank in your local market as well as nationally and globally.

This is not your typical cookie cutter search engine marketing service. Each and every campaign is tailor-made to ensure mutual success. Regardless of your business niche or industry, the goal is to increase your visibility and ensure you aren’t letting your competition enjoy all the prime search engine real estate.

Your website is essentially an online business card and lead generating machine for you – how well is your machine running?

Just like an automobile, your website needs to be fine tuned to ensure it’s performing at a high level. With 14 years of experience, I’ll ensure you get the proper tune up and are fully ready to take on the geysers of traffic that I’ll open up for you.

Get a Free Analysis of how you stack up versus your competition

Every website ranked ahead of yours is a website that is taking money out of your pocket. Use the best SEO Fort Lauderdale and leapfrog the competition with a fresh, innovative approach to gaining more business online.



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  1. Jackson says:

    Hey Tim, it’s Jackson, from NorCal. We met at OMG Live when you gave that presentation. I have a few questions about your affiliate marketing mentoring program. I sent you an email using your contact form but thought I’d leave a comment just to double make sure you receive it. I hope you’ve been well!

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