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Following up in a series of interviews I’ve done in the past with SEO agencies around the globe, I had the chance to chat with another friend who is based out of Arizona the other day and pick his brain about internet marketing. He runs the top SEO Agency in Scottsdale and always interesting things to share, so I was happy to get a chance to bring him to my readers here on this site.

What I Learned from a Scottsdale SEO

Now he, like any other top search engine expert out there, isn’t going to spill all his secrets. These methods are kept close to the vest. If everybody out there knew how to get your sites to #1 in search results, everyone would do it and there’d be no need for agencies, and that much more competition for everyone.

But I was able to get some pretty good tidbits out of him that should be helpful for all of my readers. The biggest takeaway was making your site into an “authority site”. What he means by this is that you can’t just throw up a few keyword-rich pages and expect it to rank.

SEO Agency in Scottsdale, Arizona

You need to have a site with tons of content, making it a destination site for your niche. Really make it comprehensive and expansive and become an authority in your area, which your readers will recognize and then Google will reward. We heard similar things in a past interview with our friend from Leeds.

Another thing was about other things you do off-site. Be sure to have all the relevant social media properties for your site. You need a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. If relevant, be sure to make a Yelp page as well.

These different social media properties give you another space for your readers or customers to find you and ultimately get back to your site. They also provide another means of communication, both for you to post about your new content or any promotions that are going on, and also for your visitors to send messages to you.

You can’t just half-ass when it comes to your site, and how you promote it. Make sure your site has a lot of pages to keep your visitors on the site, and have properties elsewhere that bring in visitors beyond just organic search. Follow these tips and you’ll surely see higher traffic, lower bounce rates, and longer time spent on your site.

As always, I’d like to thank our friend from Arizona for taking the time to share some wisdom with us. I’ll be back with another interview in the near future!

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