Why You Shouldn’t Forget Graphic Design

If you’re in any kind of e-commerce or internet marketing business, you know the importance of having good graphics. You can’t just create a WordPress site and have it all be black and white with textual content. You need something that catches the eye, starting with a header that perfectly illustrates your company/brand name and logo, as well as other graphic art throughout the site to accentuate your content.

That’s why whenever I need graphic design work for any of my sites, I keep a short list of trusted designers that I know can deliver the look I want, on time, and at the right price. One of them that I have used fairly often is AMF Creative out of Baltimore, MD, and I was able to corral them in for an interview on the importance of graphic design to any web venture.

marketing and graphic design from AMF CreativeOutside of finding the right web host, I think getting the right graphics team is huge when starting a website. As told to me by this company, beyond just a header image and logo (which I personally think is one of the most important pieces when building a website – it’s the first thing that a visitor sees), there are a lot of other graphics throughout that need to be professionally done. On a lot of my affiliate marketing sites where I provide reviews on various products and services, I like to do a “rankings table” where I can display all of the brands I promote in an organized, attractive fashion.

Aside from just your website, AMF Creative stresses that there are other areas where you may want to employ a graphic design team, such as social media. Following the same motif as your company/brand website, you’ll need profile photos and cover photos for all of your various profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, YouTube and other channels where your brand has a presence. Keeping it uniform throughout is key, and a professional design team like they have can help you coordinate all your marketing efforts in these different realms.

If you don’t have the skills yourself to do these kinds of things, don’t try to half-ass it by just putting something together in MS Paint or something. Hire a true professional who has the skills to make great looking and compelling images that make your site and profiles a professional feel to them. Creating a website and putting all the content together is one thing, but there needs to be imagery to match it and complement your key points and your brand’s image. It is one investment that will definitely pay off when done well. I’m thankful for AMF for letting me pick their brains today and share this with you, and hope it’s been insightful.

Tim Schmidt


Tim Schmidt is an Internet Entrepreneur living in South Florida. He owns multiple e-commerce businesses, an SEO Agency, and consults companies on Internet Marketing strategy. You can reach him for advice, speaking engagements, guest posts, interviews, and more, on this page.

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